Doe Ridge Mountain Farm

Miniature goats and sheep

Doe Ridge Mountain Farm-Boone, NC 28607

Nestled in the mountains of Boone surrounded by nature we are raising Southdown Miniature Babydoll Sheep and Nigerian Dwarf dairy Goats.  We also raise chickens and turkeys

David (Goaty) is our buck.  He is pure white long hair and very gentle.  He was born Sept. 2008, from the farm of Plum Rotten. Our girls are the same age and they are pure black.  Together we shall have some really nice black and white kids.  We will also be milking our goats and making cheese, butter, milk, and cream on premises for our own consumption.  Touring the farm is free.  We offer visitor 1/2 price off if they want to stay a night or two at our vacation log cabin rental.  To view cabin go to and my number is 303282.


Olde English Southland Babydoll Minature Sheep average 70 lbs, are very gentle, their wool is like cashmere, they will eat undergrowth that you t cleared and they make good pets.  We offer 1/2 price on our vacation log cabin if you want to stay with us while inspecting our animals for sale.  Go to and #303282

 Pictured here is sisters Strawberry and Blackberry born February 2009 from Paula Bergen's Farm.  Below is Blackberry with her baby ram.

Our totally tame heirloom turkeys

Animals for Sale

Sissy Brown gave birth March 6, 2012 one male kid.  She is all black and the buck is all white. This was her third pregnancy.  She is 4 years old.  The father is David, the white long haired buck in the pictures above. Goats get around 35 lbs.  $150-$300 .  Picture of male kid, Goliath on next page.

    Sissy Brown and sister Mrs. Black

contact me at or call 828-263-3367

I am showing guest how to milk the goat

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Guest enjoy the bonfire

Stay the night on me when you purchase a new goat or sheep


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